Red Clipper Habanero Green Papaya Mango & Pimento 200mL

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Red Clipper Habanero Green Papaya Mango & Pimento is a modern Australian hot sauce bursting with papaya and mango flavour combined perfectly with a satisfying habanero heat

Before you chow done on this sauce just open the funky bottle and take a really good sniff of this sauce, you're hit with the fruity papaya and mango aromas that get your mouth-watering. This is a chunky-style sauce with lots of pieces of fruit and chilli that you can bite straight into. It is rich with flavours of papaya, mango and habanero with a subtle sweetness as well as a hint of Caribbean spices. The heat is not over the top, but it is definitely there, and being a good habanero hot sauce has a nice lingering burn.

The fruit makes this great on a chicken burger but the back of the bottle suggests to use this sauce as a marinade for lamb and it is spot-on, brush over your next lamb roast 20 minutes before you take it out of the oven for a nice hot and sticky glaze