Red Clipper Habanero, Mango, Rockmelon & Lime Sauce 200mL

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Red Clipper Habanero Mango Rockmelon & Lime is a truly unique modern habanero hot sauce. The sweetness of mango and rockmelon with the famous fruity bite of the habanero is perfectly combined to capture the essence of a tropical summer.

The funky bottle is the first thing to catch your eye, but it is the combination of rockmelon, mango and lime that will have you completely hooked. The fruitiness and freshness of the ingredients comes through before you even put the sauce into your mouth and when you do, you are instantly hit with the mango and rockmelon before the habanero heat makes its magnificent appearance to provide quite a satisfying and lingering burn. This sauce featured in one of our very first ChilliBOM Red Boxes: Autumn 2017 and has been a favourite ever since.

Great for a burger or as a dipping sauce because of its chunkiness but try it as a salad dressing for a truly unique experience